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The Intelligent Access Wireless Personal Captioning System brings captions and multiple languages to people at a variety of venues, including sports venues, classrooms, theaters, places of worship, and other live settings. The current system utilizes a wireless platform to deliver personal captions, which may be viewed on a mobile device or electronic eyewear.

The mobile platform allows the user to never miss a caption – captions are always with them, even while visiting the concession stand. And, captions will only augment the experience of the patrons who want them, and not degrade the experience of the patrons who don’t.


The venue may choose to send out multiple languages, or “channels”, at one time for their patrons. Each channel is one text stream from one source. Channels may take the form English captions, additional languages, or informational text such as player statistics. Any number of channels is available at any time.



Intelligent Access is a small company that can have big impact for you and your customers. With true innovation and technical expertise, two research scientists combined their skill sets to create a solution for making sure every patron at every venue has the best and most complete experience. With backgrounds in optical physics and computer science, we were determined to solve the captioning issue that many venues struggle with for their deaf and hard of hearing patrons, where the solution would meet the needs of both the venue and the patron.


Our vision is to make real-time, personal captions available at any venue at any time. These captions should be easy for the venue to provide, and the display should be easy to for the patron to use. And since our solution has been designed for use in many types of venues, the wider the adoption, the more the community becomes accessible for its citizens through just one platform – the Intelligent Access Wireless Personal Captioning System.


Intelligent Access will provide a turn-key, robust and, scalable captioning solution to accommodate patrons who are deaf and hard of hearing at your venues. Hosted in the Cloud or on premises, our Wireless Personal Captioning System is easy to use for both the venue and the patron. Content can be generated onsite or through a remote caption provider.


When the personal display is connected to a wireless network, captions will automatically start just by opening the app, unless multiple channels are available. In this case, the user is presented a list of the available channels from which to choose.



The Intelligent Access Wireless Personal Captioning System includes a server that lives in the Cloud, which captures the real-time captions and delivers them to the end user on their personal display, either provided by the venue or owned personally (though the venue has the option to restrict the captions to their own displays). If a patron owns their own display, the Intelligent Access App can be used in any venue that allows captions to be available through the Intelligent Access Server System. Therefore, as more venues adopt the platform, the community becomes accessible for its citizens through just one platform.


While we offer a turn-key captioning solution, customization is also available. We will work with your individual caption provider and the needs of each of your individual venues.

When you want to provide live captions, you can count on the Intelligent Access Wireless Personal Captioning System to work for you and your patrons.




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